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Key Objectives 2026

Reduction of Scope 2 emissions

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What are we aiming for

Our 2026 target is to reduce emissions from purchased electricity to 500 t CO2-eq from our 2022 baseline year of 1483 t CO2-eq. Driving factors of the emissions from the purchased electricity are based on the source of the electricity generation. Emissions therefore vary, depending on location or contracts made with electricity providers.

Target 2026
Carbon emissions
Total emissions from Scope 2 will be lower than 500 t CO2-eq.
UN goal 7
UN goal 9
UN goal 13
UN goal 14

Why is it important

The majority of the global carbon cycle is circulated through the ocean which absorbs the greater part of excess heat from greenhouse gas emissions causing ocean acidification. We depend on the ocean and the health of its ecosystems is vital for our operation. In this regard we acknowledge the importance of taking responsibility and reducing our Scope 2 emissions.

How will we do it

To reduce emissions from scope 2 there are two major actions possible. Choosing to purchase electricity generated from renewable energy sources and reducing dependency on the electricity grid by increasing electricity production on site. We have done both, bringing us close to our target and reducing our emissions in 2023 to 662 t CO2-eq.
Here you can read more on our investments in solar panels.