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Key Objectives 2026

Group Code of Conduct

Employees regularly trained in Group Code of Conduct

What are we aiming for

Our Group Code of Conduct applies to all companies of the Group and to all individuals who work for us, regardless of location. Our objective is that by 2026, our internal procedures will efficiently enable all our employees to receive regular training on how to work according to the code.

Target 2026
Group Code of Conduct
100% of employees regularly trained in Group Code of Conduct
UN goal 16
UN goal 17

Why is it important

Integrating ethics into the business and daily work is a key factor in operating a global, sustainable business. Our Group Code of Conduct was implemented in 2022 and sets the standard for how we engage with co-workers, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. It applies to all employees, managers, and board members and guides us towards conducting our business practices honestly, fairly, and legally. The Group has a zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption and expects employees, suppliers, service partners, and other business partners to act with integrity and without acts of bribery and corruption.

Emerging regulations within the European Union put increased emphasis on due diligence for companies, both regarding their own human resources as well as workers within the value chain. This is emphasised in minimum safeguards as laid out in article 18 of the EU Taxonomy regulation as well as within the scope of corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD)

How will we do it

The board of Directors review the implementation of the Code on a regular basis and assesses any need for updates. The Group Code of Conduct is publicly available here.