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Key Objectives 2026

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

What are we aiming for

Iceland Seafood recognises the environmental and social responsibility of increasing the share of renewable energy within its operations. Our ambition is that by 2026, at least 80% of our energy usage will come from renewable sources.

Target 2026
Renewable enerrgy
80% of electricity used will be from renewable sources
UN goal 7
UN goal 9

Why is it important

The transition to renewable energy is a key component towards decarbonisation since the energy sector accounts for around two-thirds of global emissions.

Without the transition to renewable energy, the world will struggle to keep the Paris Agreement target alive. Renewable energy is also an important part of improving social aspects. Improved air quality results in higher quality of life and cleaner cities. Renewable energy technologies are also creating more jobs on average than fossil fuel technologies, and the jobs they create are more often research and innovation-related.

How will we do it

To strengthen the success of this target we have invested in solar panels for our sites in Madrid and Barcelona. The sun already emits more than enough energy to power all energy needs on the planet, and as an added benefit, the sun is a free, clean, and sustainable energy source. It can be used to provide heat and electricity. Given the abundance of solar energy, its reliability, its positive effects on air quality, and its cost-effectiveness, investing in solar panels for our Spanish subsidiaries was an easy choice.