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Key Objectives 2026

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mapping of suppliers

CSR mapping of suppliers

What are we aiming for

As a global value-added seafood producer and sales and marketing company with a vast global supply chain, we must source, produce, transport, and sell our range of products sustainably and responsibly. We have set the target that by 2026, 50% of our largest suppliers and service partners CSR will be mapped.

Target 2026
Sustainable procurement
50% of suppliers mapped
UN goal 8
UN goal 12
UN goal 13
UN goal 17

Why is it important

Emerging regulations on sustainability reporting and due diligence are shaping the overall business environment. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive(CSRD) sets the framework for sustainability reporting, while the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) aims to ensure responsible corporate conduct.

The purpose of the CSDDD is to strengthen human rights and environmental protection in global supply chains further. It will present and define due diligence obligations. To prepare for this new directive, we have started to evaluate our supply chain, enabling us to identify possible risk factors, if any.

How will we do it

In 2022, we partnered with EcoVadis, a trusted global CSR rating company, to conduct individual sustainability performance assessments of our upstream supply chain partners within their environmental, ethical, and social practices. The benefit for our suppliers is that they receive a scorecard indicating where they stand in their CSR work, accompanied by a list of items that can be improved. We will continue to onboard our largest suppliers and service partners into this platform. In addition, we will consider other solutions if our partners choose to share this information with us by other means.