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Key Objectives 2026

Responsible use of water

Reclaimed water

What are we aiming for

Seafood processing is a water intense activity and in 2022 Iceland Seafood used roughly 106.000 m3 of water but reclaimed over 39.000 m3. The Groups ambition is to reduce over all water usage and make sure that 50% of the water used will be reclaimed.

Target 2026
Water usage
50% of water used will be reclaimed
UN goal 6
UN goal 9

Why is it important

The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report states that in Southern Europe, where two-thirds of the group’s water consumption takes place, water scarcity will be high even though all our collective efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C are successful. The same report mentions water efficiency improvements and water reuse as key solutions to mitigate and adapt to water scarcity.

How will we do it

We have invested in a wastewater treatment plant in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. This will enable us to reclaim the majority of the water used in our processing in Argentina. Reclaimed wastewater treated at this facility can be reused in applications such as irrigation and industrial processes. Our investment project is further detailed here.

When upgrading equipment, we place water efficiency as an important selection criterion. We will also analyse and identify possible water savings and reduce the Group’s water footprint.